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Requesting services

  1. Why can't I have current 30s RINEX data?
    We are not permitted to release data which are less than 30 days old. But, such data can be obtained directly from OSGB, or for Northern Ireland and Ireland, from OSi.
  2. I am engaged in commercial scientific research, why can't I have products? Products are the output of a software suite, Bernese, with an academic user license. This means that output can only be supplied to academic users, and not to commercial scientific users.
  3. I am engaged in commercial scientific research, why can't I have 1Hz data? BIGF is not permitted to supply 1Hz data to commercial scientific users. For 1Hz data you should subscribe to Smartnet, the Ordnance Survey Net partner service, which covers the OSGB, OSNI and OSi networks.
  4. Are there further restrictions?
    Yes, other data have restrictions, see access mode at each level under data access.
  5. How do I apply?
    By completing the request data form, as fully as possible - to avoid incurring a delay. The form includes guidelines for completion.
  6. How is an application assessed?
    The information that you provide when making a request, is assessed against NERC's user specification, and to verify that the proposed use of BIGF data or product is appropriate. It is also used to accumulate usage statistics and metadata, which form part of the Facility's annual report.
  7. Who has to complete the peer review section of a request form?
    Only the academic user group, which includes PhD students; but also Master's and Batchelor's degree users, who should provide a title and a few words of description, to permit a proper assessment of the proposed usage.

Receiving services

  1. How long does it take?
    Applications are assessed daily, and transactions normally completed on the same day. For large or complex requests or where there is a question over usage, this may take exceptionally up to 5 working days.
  2. 2. I submitted a request, but have not heard anything. It is likely that your firewall has refused our data delivery email. Please contact us directly if you suspect that this is the case.
  3. How are datasets supplied?
    For small volume requests, via an emailed web link, and for large volumes, via a named ftp account.
  4. I've been given an ftp account to access my data, and am using a Windows machine, how can I ftp the data?
    Use the DOS command line:
    .. Open a DOS window [Command prompt accessory in Windows]
    .. cd [change directory] to where the files are to be downloaded to.
    .. Type ftp [space] full numeric address provided.
    .. Enter username provided.
    .. Enter password provided.
    .. Type prompt [this switches interactive mode on/off, to enable multiple file download].
    .. cd to the data location at the ftp site.
    .. Type mget *Z
    .. Type quit when finished.
    .. Type exit to close the DOS window.
  5. I've been given an ftp account to access my data, and am using a Mac, how can I ftp the data?
    .. In the address bar, type ftp:// then the full numeric address provided.
    .. Enter username provided.
    .. Enter password provided.
  6. Not all that I asked for was supplied.
    If any data have not been supplied, then they do not exist. You can request alternative data - review the data availability tables, and make another request.
  7. I asked for more than one station, but there is only one navigation file, where are the other navigation files?
    The navigation, or Broadcast Ephemeris file, is a daily file, for use with all stations on that day. Note that some processing packages require that the file be renamed.
  8. I asked for 1Hz or compact RINEX data, but what do I do with them now?
    Small volumes of 1Hz data are supplied as a zip file and, once unzipped, are ready to use. Large volumes of 1Hz data and compact data requests are Hatanaka and then UNIX compressed. You need to uncompress them first, before use. This is done by firstly UNIX decompressing, 7-zip will do this for you, and then Hatanaka decompressing with the compact RINEX decompression utility - download and unzip the appropriate file for your operating system, then, if using Windows, move the bin files into an accessible directory, as you will be using the DOS command line; see here for operating instructions.
  9. How long will my data remain available?
    You should download your data within five working days of notification. We automatically housekeep our servers.

Data and product related

  1. What does BIGF's 'quality assurance' of RINEX format GNSS data mean?
    It means that information in the RINEX observation data file header records is verified as being consistent with the IGS format log file for a particular station. It also means that the RINEX observation data file has been successfully passed through TEQC software to create metadata relating to the quantity and quality of the observations.

Website usability

  1. Under data availability, I can only view the current month, how can I see previous months and years?
    The complete functionality of this tool is not supported by all browsers. We recommend Mozilla Firefox (PC), or Safari (Mac).
  2. When I try to view PDF files with Mozilla Firefox v4, I get a blank black and then a white screen. What is the solution?
    Install the PDF Download add-on.

Official issues

  1. Does NERC have a data policy that relates to use of this website, data and products?
    Yes, see NERC's data policy.
  2. What are your terms of use?
    Terms of use.
  3. Appeals and complaints
    We welcome comments on all aspects of archive operation, including quality of service - for general comments, and for appeals and service complaints.
  4. What conditions apply to data/product use and re-use?
    Conditions of data/product use and re-use.
  5. Are there any liability issues related to the supply of data/product by BIGF?
    Yes - see our liability disclaimer.
  6. Do I have to, and then how do I acknowledge BIGF?
    Use of our acknowledgment statement is mandatory for SCIENTIFIC USERS ONLY for all media - oral, printed, refereed or not.
  7. What is your privacy policy?
    Privacy policy.
  8. Who owns the copyrights to BIGF data and products?
    Copyrights to BIGF data and products are owned by BIGF.