BIGF provides these services:

  • Data centralisation and archival
    BIGF receives RINEX format GNSS observation data directly from a large number of continuously recording GNSS stations, operated by collaborating organisations. These data are automatically quality controlled on receipt, then archived along with IGS (International GNSS Service) format station log files.
  • Data dissemination
    All quality assured GNSS data and associated metadata are available, on request, subject to approval. Delivery is via the web or ftp, at 30-second (unrestriced access), and 1Hz (restricted access) data rates. Final broadcast ephemerides are also supplied, as provided by the IGS.
  • Scientific product generation
    BIGF processes its archived GNSS data along with data from the global network of IGS stations to generate derivative products. Current products are related to 3D land movement, and signal delays owing to tropospheric effects.
  • Scientific product dissemination
    Products are available to scientific users, on request, subject to approval. Not only do we welcome applications to use these products, but also the collaborative development of alternative products.
  • Guidance and advice
    BIGF can provide guidance and advice on all aspects of GNSS data and product usage.