Station log files

RINEX observation data file header records provide important metadata about a station's operating installation. It is important to be aware that over time an installation may change, the receiver and antenna for example. IGS format log files that contain these and other metadata are maintained for all stations. BIGF traps, checks and notes all changes to these records, presenting them in a change catalogue.

OSGB upgrade programme from GPS to GNSS capability

Between October 2008 and April 2009 OSGB changed all their stations' receivers and antennas to be GNSS capable. In some cases, following antenna replacement, changes to the 4-character station name and precise coordinates resulted. The correct precise coordinates for each station at any time are maintained in the RINEX observation data file header records.

For scientists interested in long tracts of data, the notes at the end of the change catalogue give an assessment of the utility of such stations for forming continuous time series.

Download station log files

OSGB stations [standard zip]
All other stations [standard zip]

In addition here are links to IGS station log files for:
Herstmonceux (hers)
Herstmonceux (hert)
Morpeth (morp)