Research Opportunities Round 1 (2014)


For round one of the BGS Research Fellowship Programme, nine new research opportunities are being advertised (up to five positions will be filled depending on the availability of funds and quality of proposals). The research opportunity number and title, proposed location, and research advisors are listed below, along with links to a detailed description and the required qualifications.

Role of research advisors

Research advisors are appointed to direct project work. The advisors are BGS scientists with whom the BGS Research Fellows would work most closely. They will also be involved with interviewing candidates. Applicants are encouraged to contact the research advisor(s) for further information regarding the research opportunities and are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the research advisor(s). One of the first steps in the preparation of an application package is establishing contact with the research advisor(s).


RO number Research Opportunity Title Location Research Advisors
14-1 Applications of U-Series Systematics, 87Sr/86Sr and/or Novel Stable Isotopes (δ26Mg, δ30Si, δ88Sr) to Constrain Rates of Crustal Fluid Flow, Fluid-Fluid & Fluid-Rock Reactions in Geological Reservoirs. Keyworth, Nottingham Dan Condon and Niko Kampman
14-2 Examining trace element fractionations in alluvial and inter-tidal soils Keyworth, Nottingham Andy Tye and Simon Chenery
14-3 Pollution pathways in the urban environment Keyworth, Nottingham Joanna Wragg, Barbara Palumbo-Roe, Matt Horstwood
14-4 Improved procedures for assessing the UK shale gas reserve Keyworth, Nottingham Chris Vane
14-5 Emerging and future groundwater contaminants Wallingford, Oxfordshire Marianne Stuart and Dan Lapworth
14-6 Coupled flow processes in low permeability natural and engineered systems Keyworth, Nottingham Jon Harrington & Richard Shaw
14-7 Using geological and process models to make robust decisions under uncertainty Keyworth, Nottingham Steve Mathers and Murray Lark
14-8 Development of dynamic exploratory models to help manage coastal erosion and coastal change Keyworth, Nottingham Martin Hurst
14-9 Integrated modelling of the subsurface Keyworth, Nottingham Chris Jackson, Holger Kessler, Andrew Kingdon and Oliver Kuras


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