BGS Research Fellowship Programme FAQs

What happens to my application after the deadline?

BGS Human Resources team will check that the correct documents have been sent and that applicants are eligible to apply for the scheme. All eligible applications will be passed to the reviewers for assessment.

What is the role of the Research Advisor during the preparation of the research proposal?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to coordinate the development of their research proposals with the appropriate Research Advisor(s). The role of the Research Advisor(s) is to provide assistance in the sharpening up of a proposal but should not be actively involved in writing the proposal. The concepts around which the proposal is built should be generated mostly by the applicant. The Research Advisor(s) should provide equal access to all potential applicants.

How will applications be assessed?

The application will be assessed by at least two reviewers against the following criteria:

  • technical quality of the proposal (counts double)
  • alignment with the BGS strategy
  • cost and value for money
  • suitability of the candidate

A BGS moderating panel will then select a shortlist of candidates, whose applications scored highest, for interview.

What is the maximum budget I can apply for and what should this cover?

You can apply for up to £25 000 total over the three years, this should cover all non-salary research costs, including laboratory consumables, access to specialist facilities and bought-in services, fieldwork travel/accommodation, conference and meeting fees and travel/accommodation.

Can I make a proposal to meet more than one research opportunity?

Yes, but please make contact with the individual Research Advisors.

Who should I contact to get more information on any aspect of the scheme?

You should initially contact the BGS HR team, they will deal with your request or pass it on to the most appropriate colleague.

If successful, will I be able to access training to acquire new skills to help with my research?

Yes, your research advisor will help you build a training element into your 3-year programme utilising relevant aspects of the BGS-NERC L&D resources. This could include technical knowledge/skills and personal development.


Contact Human Resources for more information