Deposit data with NGDC

The National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) collects and preserves geoscientific data and information, making them available to a wide range of users and communities. NGDC is recognised as the NERC Environmental Data Centre for geoscience data.

Please use the NGDC data deposit application (portal) to deposit digital files with NGDC.

Data donations should comply with the following NGDC guidelines:

The benefits of depositing your data with NGDC are:

  • We are a long standing, funded NERC Environmental Data Centre
  • We provide professional accession, ingestion and data management
  • Our data contributes to a national geoscience resource
  • We undertake secure data storage and long term digital data continuity
  • Our data is accessible via multiple delivery channels
  • We provide persistent identifiers and digital object identifiers (DOI's) supporting scientific publication


For further details, please contact