Science strategy consultation

BGS science strategy 2018-2023

The BGS is delighted to share with you a draft of our new, refreshed science strategy, Gateway to the Earth 2018–2023. The strategy reflects a step change in the way the BGS will operate, making us more flexible, reactive and allowing us to take full advantage of opportunities that may arise. It will enable us to deliver internationally recognised, expert, impartial and innovative science relevant for not only today's world but also for the future.

The strategy will address three global challenges:

  • decarbonisation and resource management
  • environmental change adaptation
  • multihazards and risk

Strategy development

Prof Mike Stephenson, BGS director of science and technology, explains how the strategy was developed and the drivers behind the change.

What do you think?

The BGS values your views greatly, so we are putting the new draft strategy out for consultation. You can provide comments and feedback using one of the following:

You can also contact us via email or send a letter to:

Sarah Nice
British Geological Survey
Environmental Science Centre
Nicker Hill
NG12 5GG

If using email or letter, you can download the consultation questions here.

Closing date

The closing date for feedback will be 11 December 2018, so please take this opportunity to have your say.