BGS Groundhog Desktop GSIS

BGS Groundhog Desktop is free-to-use software developed by the GeoAnalytics and Modelling directorate of BGS. By importing your own site data, it can be used to digitize geological cross-sections, and display and edit borehole logs, as well as supporting a range of baseline data such as geo-registered images and digital elevation models. At the BGS, Groundhog Desktop is used by geologists to refine and extend UK3D.


The current version of Groundhog Desktop was released on 14/05/2018 and is version 1.10.0 (BETA). Please note, at the current time, Groundhog Desktop only runs under Windows.

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Terms of use

Groundhog Desktop software interface

This software is available under the Open Government Licence. This means the software is free to use, exploit and redistribute for academic, personal, research or commercial purposes, subject to the terms of the UK's Open Government Licence. We also require that you acknowledge the software in the following way wherever you use it to create or deliver any product, data, information or report:

BGS Groundhog® Desktop Copyright © BGS/NERC (year).


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