Ground information risk profiler service (GIRP)

Crack in house caused by ground instability.

The ground instability risk profiler (GIRP) project aims to assess the technical feasibility and viability of creating a service for the insurance industry, which will allow the better understanding of the risks associated with ground instability issues.

This project has been co-funded by the European Space Agency's Integrated Applications ARTES 20 Programme and is led by Property Assure Limited, with a team comprised of BGS, CGG, NPA Mapping, Moniteye and the Satellite Applications Catapult.

The feasibility study will explore the provision of a UK service for assessing the risk of subsidence and heave ground movements, and the associated risks of damage to buildings that are covered under a buildings insurance policy.

The project will explore existing resources for both ground and satellite sensing technology suppliers and a network of data interpretation experts. It will help to bring together a range of application domains by providing a common technological platform on which to build future multi-disciplinary solutions to scientific and societal challenges.

Further information is available on the GIRP project web site.


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