Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site - progress

The UK Geoenergy Observatories are new centres for research into the subsurface environment

Work is underway at the UK Geoenergy Observatories site in Glasgow. You will be able to follow progress here:

Date Activity Borehole Location
14 November 2018 Begin work Site 10, GGC01 Dalmarnock
Week commencing 19 November 2018 Coring begins Site 10, GGC01 Dalmarnock
12 December 2018 Total depth of 199 m reached Site 10, GGC01 Dalmarnock
11 January 2019 Casing installed and borehole annulus grouted

Rig demobilised from the site
Site 10, GGC01 Dalmarnock
5 February 2019 Seismometers installed

Nearly 200 m of core was recovered from the Site 10 borehole and an open-hole geophysical logging suite was completed. We have also installed five seismometers into this borehole, which will strengthen the national seismic monitoring network. Seismometers are sensors that measure and record details of earthquakes, such as force and duration. The seismometers will provide reliable characterisation of baseline levels of natural seismicity in the area.

Data from the seismometers will be streamed continuously as part of the national seismic monitoring network.
Site 10, GGC01 Dalmarnock
Week commencing 18 February 2019 Preparatory work

Preparatory work for the boreholes site at Cuningar Loop undertaken and completed.
Sites 1–5 Cuningar Loop


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