Geology in your shopping basket

Everyone one of us is dependent on the Earth's mineral resources.

If you can't grow a product, it has to be mined or recycled.

Minerals extracted from the Earth are important to every aspect of our daily lives, which includes:

  • the food we eat
  • the homes we live in
  • the power we use
  • where we work
  • how we travel
  • how we communicate with each other

In the UK each person uses, every year, an average of over ten tonnes of minerals, which includes salt, sand, coal and iron ore.

Even if we use recycled materials, minerals extracted from the Earth still supply most of our daily needs.

What rocks and minerals do we have in our shopping baskets?

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The following pages explore this question and provide a few short activities so that you can take a closer look at the properties of some of the geological materials we use in our home.

Do you have these rocks and minerals in your shopping basket?

What minerals do you use in your kitchen each day?