Product evaluation

The BGS encourages the use of its information for the development of commercial applications and products by any individual or organisation. To promote this, the BGS offers innovation agreements that allow you to evaluate BGS data and use them in the development stages of a commercial innovation. There is usually no fee to pay during the agreed evaluation period, although an alternative fee-bearing arrangement such as an internal business use licence or data reseller licence will be required once the development stage is complete, which will allow you to use or commercialise the end product.

Licence template

Innovation agreement template 52 KB pdf

Please be aware that the template is provided solely in order to give guidance as to the kind of terms and conditions under which the BGS may release its digital materials. Individual arrangements may vary, dependent upon the particular end-user requirements and the materials being released.

BGS data focus group

The BGS has set up a data focus group to help steer and evaluate new and existing data products. The programme enables us to consult a wide range of consumers of both our commercial and open data products, who then influence and assist us in developing new products that are relevant to our user community.

We are always happy to have new members of this group and welcome any interest. If you are keen to get involved, preview early releases of data and have an opportunity to influence product development then please contact us.