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British Science Week

The Fossil and Rock Show, a primary schools event, celebrates its 17th year of British Science Week at BGS Keyworth.

Deep-time Digital Earth

A new programme seeks to combine earth science databases into a ‘geological Google’. Presided over by Prof Mike Stephenson, Deep-time Digital Earth could be a one-stop link allowing scientists to access all the data they need to tackle big questions. More information

World Magnetic Model (WMM)

What links the centre of the Earth, billions of smartphones, and BGS scientists? The answer is: the recently updated World Magnetic Model (WMM). More information

Reducing disaster risk for the poorest citizens in tomorrow's cities

The BGS is a research partner in the £20 million UKRI GCRF Urban Disaster Risk Hub, aiming to embed disaster risk management into the urban planning of four cities across the world. Read more

One Ocean Hub

British Geological Survey and Heriot-Watt scientists are research partners in the ambitious, £20 million UKRI GCRF One Ocean Hub, which will transform the global response to the urgent challenges facing our oceans.
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Mobile apps

Various mobile friendly versions of apps on the BGS website

BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


App for the geological map of Britain iPhone App | Android App ... and iGeology3D!


App for soil properties map of Britain | learn about the soil beneath your feet. iPhone App